gcloudFrom last few months cloud computing is gaining popularity because of its security and flexibility. HP has announced its G-Cloud technology which is the future of cloud by HP. This technology is developed by HP Labs.

This technology utilizes dedicated virtual machines to watch over the other virtual machines being used and trigger automated responses. According to the John Manley, who manages HP Labs Automated Infrastructure Lab:

A lot of different things need to be in place for us to realize the full potential of the cloud. But what we’re doing here – in collaboration with colleagues from HP’s Enterprise Services group – is sharing HP’s vision of G-Clouds and what they might mean, and at the same time offering a significant demonstration of the underlying technologies that will make them possible.

manleyG-Cloud stands for Government Clouds. John Manley also said that:

G-Clouds will let governments offer new and better kinds of services – things we haven’t even thought of yet.

Via [HP Labs ]