If you want to try your luck before Christmas then this is the right time for this purpose. HP Play providing you chance to win laptops, $50 Rhapsody gift cards, Beats™ Solo Headphones by Dr. Dre and many more. HP Play provides you some clues or hints and you have to guess what all is about. The basic requirement to participate in this contest is to become a part of HP Play Facebook’s fan page by liking it.

Following are some of the instruction about the contest by HP Play:

  Make sure you are registered (click on the Apps+Games tab if you are not)

-       Search for the online clues – three videos, three answers, three clues

-       Once you know where Hunt is hiding – send your answer to functionb@hp.com

-       Send your entry before Sunday night

A hint or two for those of you who might need one:

-       The answer is NOT the Nokia Theater

-       It is the name of an Awards event (one of the clues was Awards)

-       It is a Music Awards event (perhaps the crème de la crème of music award events)

Remember – send your answer to functionb@hp.com to enter this week’s drawing.

Go, guess and win lots of prizes with HP Play on Facebook. For more details click here.