Microsoft’s latest development suite Visual Studio 2010 is now in action, obviously latest version must have some advanced from previous ones (Visual Studio 2008 or 2005). Today I ‘m going to talk about the Visual Enhancements that have been made in Visual Studio 2010. Its Graphical User Interface has been redesigned to make it more attractive. From the Splash Screen to the Designer and Code Editor every thing has been redesigned and made better then the previous one. Now the discussion of Visual Studio 2010 is initiated so splash screen is must. Before Visual Studio 2010 all of the versions were almost same with respect to the their User Interfaces. But in this version, the designers and developers of Visual Studio have made great effort to make very interactive Interface. The Start Page of the new development suite also have Start Page as it was in the previous version, but the Start Page of this new Visual Studio is little bit change. Unnecessary Gradients and boxes have been removed.

Start Page _ Edited

There are three portions in the start page, which are following:

  1. The starting portion from where you create new or open existing projects.
  2. Recent Projects portion where your recent projects are placed… you can edit this portion and can choose your project to be placed here and you can pin them into this portion, so that they always appear there.
  3. It is the Help and Tips portion, here you can get little help regarding using and starting this Visual Studio 2010.

You can now see both Designer and Code Editors at the same time by dragging them aside like the following:

Place Windows Side by Side

Designer and Code Editor side by side

The code editor of this new Visual Studio Suit has been modified and now it has the ability of zooming the code (text). The change zoom option is available at the left bottom corner of the code editor (that is market with red square in the picture below), or you can use the alternative shortcut  (Press and Hold Ctrl Key + Scroll Up for Zoom in) and (Press and Hold Ctrl Key + Scroll Down for Zoom out). Right panel is the example of Zoom in and the other one is of Zoom out.

Zoom-in and Zoom-out

I have shown you the new Graphical User Interface of the new Visual Studio 2010. Later on I will discuss some more features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.