hp-and-nasaYesterday, Hewlett-Packard and NASA signed an information-technology contract having worth of $2.5 billion. This contract is a long-term contract for 10 years. Under this contract all of the space agency’s computers come under the management of HP. HP’s contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration includes personal-computing hardware, standardized software, peripherals and other technology.

According to Michael Sweigart, a spokesman for NASA:

It’s basically everything that’s plugged into the wall that’s IT. This contract combines some services on a number of different contracts across the agency.

According to the sources:

The deal brings a high-profile customer to HP as it builds up its computer-services business. The company bought Electronic Data Systems Corp. for $13.2 billion in 2008, vaulting HP to No. 2 in services behind International Business Machines Corp. Palo Alto, California-based HP leads the market for PCs and printers.

Via [BusinessWeek]