Microsoft PowerPoint for Developers

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. The current versions are Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 for Windows and 2011 for Mac. Today, I am going to tell you guys about one of the interesting features of Microsoft Office. There are many cool features in Microsoft Office but this is very interesting one, for the developers. This feature is a part of Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio etc., but for now I am going to tell you about Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010.

Microsoft have given this feature for developers. You can use custom controls, that you also use for developing your applications. Lets see how we can used these custom controls.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Window - Developer Tab

First of all you have to open Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. You must have the Developer Tab in the ribbon at the top of your PowerPoint as shown in Red Mark in above picture. Don’t see that? No problem, just customize your ribbon to make the Developer Tab visible for you, as we told you How to Customize Ribbon in our previous post.

Using Deveploer Tab

After you make the Developer Tab visible for yourself, you can start using that. In the Picture above the Developer Tab have the Sub Group named Controls Marked with Red(1). You can use these controls as you use them while developing Applications. I am going to make a Password Viewer just for the example. I have place a Label, a Textbox and a CommandButton in the Slide Marked With Red(2).

Properties of Controls

You can change the properties of Controls by selecting them (as in Mark 1)and then clicking on the Properties button in Control Group (in Mark 2), as it is shown above. You will see a Properties window in which you can change the properties of your Controls. I used this Properties Window to change the Password Character, one of the properties, of TextBox and caption of Label and CommandButton.

Now write some code to show the Password. I will show the Password on the click event of CommandButton so I double clicked the CommandButton (in the Red Mark 1) to go to the Code Writer (Red Mark 2). Picture below is showing the procedure.

Write Code

After you write the code you can switch your presentation to Slide Show (by pressing F5 Key.

Slide Show

After switching to the Slide Show write some Password in the TextBox (Mark 1) then click CommandButton1 (Mark 2). You will see a Message Box showing the Actual Text of that password, you have written in the above TextBox.

This was the example which shows that how Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 can be used by the developers for their development purposes.