How to Convert Points into SmartArt in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010Yesterday, I was working on a presentation for my software project management course then I found some features. Some people normally neglect them but these features are very useful. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 provides you many awesome features to increase your presentation’s attraction.

Today I am going to share one of the features which are small but it has its own importance. I am going to tell you that how you can convert bulleted list into SmartArt. Most of the people like me try to change the layout of the SmartArt but for this Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 provides you a simple feature which is easy to use. Following are the steps through which you can understand that how to convert bulleted list into SmartArt:

1 – Launch Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.


2 – Select any of your previous presentation.


3 – Select any of the slide in which you have shared a bulleted list of points.


4 – Select the bullet points and click on the feature “Convert to SmartArt”.


5 – After clicking on the feature then selects which SmartArt graphics do you want to use for the selected points.


After following the above mentioned steps, you are ready to add attraction with the help of the above mention feature of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.