Microsoft Office Access 2010 is a pseudo-relational database management system fromMicrosoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. It is a member of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, included in the Professional and higher editions. Today , I am going to tell you guys about how can you create a Databases in the Microsoft Access 2010. You can also download the templates Online if you want or use the one that is installed, also you can create your own Database for your work. Now let me tell you guys about the database that we are going to create here. This database is about an Author, its Books and the Publishers. We will use four tables and each of them are related One-to-Many. Like: One Author writes One to Many books, similarly Many Books are Published by a single Publisher and every Book has a Category then for One Category many books are available. Another important thing that is the knowledge about PK(Primary Key) and  FK(Foreign key ), the PK is the attribute that is unique in your table , every table must have a PK in order to access them and make your that  data unique, so with the Foreign  key, it  is a field (or fields) that points to the primary key of another table. You can see the Database Diagram along with their Relations at step # 14.  Those tables are as follows:

  1. Books
  2. Author
  3. Publisher
  4. Category


Following are some of the steps which will guide you that how can you create a simple database in Microsoft Access 2010 :

1- Name the database that you want and click the Create Button.


2- A new window appear like this ,on the Left hand side there is a Navigation Pane, showing table. On Right hand side , this is the main window, where we will work, showing the tabs that are opened.


3- Right-Click on the table’s tab in the Main Window, and Select Design view.


4- Now Name the Table, I named it “Book” and Click OK button.


5- Enter the Fields that you want and set their Data types, as shown in the Red Frame. the Green frame below shows the size of the Field selected. I have set them according to the Field’s requirement. After that , Right-Click on the Books tab and click save, then click close.


6- After you have closed that tab. Now click on the “Create” Tab of  Access 2010 window then Click the Table button.This allows you to create one.


7- Right-Click on the tab that Opened, select Design View by  Right clicking, Change  the table name to “Author” and set the Fields and their Data types. Again Right-Click on the “Author” tab and Save then Close.


8- Similarly Create another table by  clicking on the “Create” tab of the Main Access window and select Table. And set the Table name , Fields and their Data types. I have made a table named “Publisher”, click Save it and Close.


9- Now made another table named “Category”, Save then Close.


10- Now we are going to give Relations to our Tables that we made earlier. Click the “Database Tools” tab in the Main window of Access and select the “Relationship” button. Notice that in the navigation pane all our created Tables have been shown.


11- Select all of the Tables and Click the Add button, the tables will be displayed in the main window.


12- Four tables are shown below .


13- Now we are making the  relation “One-to-Many” between the “Book” and the “Author” table.

  • Click and drag the Primary key”AID” of the Author table and leave it on the Foreign keyAuthor” on the Books table.
  • A small window opens.
  • Select all the Check boxes.
  • Notice that the type of relationship is “One to Many”, it happens when a PK is connected to the FK of another table.
  • Click Create Button.



14- Similarly Drag and Drop the PK of the table to the FK of the another table, and you will get the tables in Relations.


After following the above mentioned steps you can now create a database in Microsoft Access 2010. We will share some more tutorials related to Microsoft Access 2010 very soon.