Presentation is one of the most important part of any kind of application. Today I am going  to talk a little bit about creating an attractive applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. I’m using Visual Studio 2010because it’s the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio and it provides all the latest things which you want at the time of creating an attractive application. To create an attractive application, we have to consider the design of application. Microsoft has given Layout Tools in its Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, so that we can create a well designed apps very easily. Lets start the creation of an attractive application in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. First we have to create a new Windows From Application. I am going to name it as ProgmicApplication and using C# you can choose different, obviously the thing I am going to do is independent of language, now created new application.

Creating Application

After that you will see your project’s window that you want to make attractive. Lets make a dummy registration form. First of all the thing which is important is the visibility of your application. It means that the fonts of your application must be large enough to visible easily and the font must be simple and attractive. I like Segoe UI so I’m using that font with size 10. for this right click on you form and click properties and set the font property like this.

Selecting FontsNow place some textboxes, labels and buttons.

Place ControlsYou can see that the design of this application is so disgusting now we will set its design. Watch the following video to set the layout of this application:

Now the application’s design is ready and it is looking very nice after setting its layout. I hope you will be try this in your applications.