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Microsoft Visual Studio2010 is the set of new software development tools, like Visual C++, VisualBasic, Visual C#(C-Sharp), J#,F# etc. You can develop all kinds of applications using this tool, Desktop, Mobile, LightSwitch, Cloud and Web Sites etc. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 has some editions which includes Ultimate, Express, Professional , Premium etc. Microsoft provides such Development tools on  Microsoft DreamSpark. Microsoft DreamSpark is a platform from where you can get free Professional, Development softwares for the students all around the world.Microsoft DreamSpark provides help to the students who want their programming skills to grow or their innovations to be created. Like DreamSpark says:


As we told you guys earlier about Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is also available free for the students to learn and develop applications to enhance their developing abilities. Now you can also download  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for free, from “Microsoft DreamSpark”.

There are three simple steps:

  • Sign In.
  • Get Verified.
  • Download.

Followinf is the whole procedure of downloading Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 from Microsoft DreamSpark:

1-Log onto DreamSpark.


2-For downloading Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for free, first of all you have to Sign In with your Hotmail ID, if you don’t have one then get it from Live.


3-Now after you have been Signed In, click on the “Get Verified” link on the left of the page. As focused below.



  1. Choose your Country.
  2. Choose  first Option “verify as a Student.
  3. Choose third Option “Get Verified through my School”.

Click the continue button.


5-Now Choose you School/University and click continue button.


5-Now enter you E-mail ID, provided by the university, After that click the Verify button, then a message appears  saying that an Activation e-mail will be mailed to you. Please follow those  instructions in the e-mail to get your DreamSpark account activated.


6-If you doesn’t have An Email provided by the University or else, simply click the Support button on the Main page of DreamSpark and click  “Contact Us”.


7-Click the link which suits you , either you are a school student or University.


8-Now Enter the Information which are required , the fields  With Red asterisk  “*” are Required.


9-After Submitting the request, Save the email or get a print and wait for the reply from Microsoft.


After following the above mentioned steps which are simple and basic towards verifying yourself with Microsoft, as a student and after that you are ready to download free genuine software from DreamSpark.