The Microsoft’s new development tool, “Visual Studio LightSwitch“, which was launched few days back. This software is much like other Visual studio softwares but having the simple and fast creation of tables , their relations and using the screens(for interfaces) , which means you don’t have to code for you tables, for connecting Databases and for making Interfaces. Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch makes it all for you in some simple clicks. It has two programming Languages support, and C# (C-Sharp). Its code name was “Kitty hawk”. You can make three types of applications on Visual Studio LightSwitch which includes Desktop, web and cloud applications. Following are some of the steps which will guide you that how to make a desktop database application:

1-By clicking on the File-> New Project, a screen appears asking about the languages in which you can develop your Application. I choose C#.


2-After selecting the development Language , a screen appears that seem like this , asking about to attach any external database or creating a new one . I choose to create the new table for this simple tutorial.


3-Lets say for the sake of simplicity , I make a table named person as seen on the top of the table. I have already written it, but you can name it as per your requirement . If any one having some knowledge of tables or databases would create it rapidly , here as we can see I have entered some properties to the entity named “person”, its FirstName and LastName are having the data type “String” while the Email address has data type “EmailAddress” and PhoneNo has its own special data type “PhoneNo”. I will show you later about the format which can be changed for the Phone No. and further  properties about other attributes. the check boxes are checked for those properties which must be provided , can say these are primary keys or candidate keys etc. when finished , click on the icon “Screen” located just above the table , will make a screen based on the entity.


4-After clicking,  this screen will appear , there are some good screen for their respective work. Like “New Data Screen ” is a screen which would take your input . “Search Data Screen” is a screen which will provide you the search option just a click and the refined result will be shown at that screen. And the “Editable Grid Screen” will allow you to edit the records that you have saved . These are were the baby steps towards making the application a developers know how much He has to code to reach this state. I have selected the first screen “New Data Screen ” and named it “Enter New Info.” and selected the table “person” on the “Provide Screen Information  ” side.  Now Press the button OK.


5-Now this screen may be typical for you to understand rite now , but  this shows the hierarchical properties of the screen which we are using , we will discuss this some time later. But rite now Just Press “F5”  and your application will be start building.


6-   And look like this… I am entering my data in the screen name “Enter new Info”, you can the the specialty of the attribute “PhoneNo”. Like wise Email has some. Now look at another screen.


7- In the same application , there exists another screen named “SearchPerson”, which I had also included just by clicking on the screen and adding the screen as mentioned above (@4). I just typed “yasir” in the search bar and found all the results I had.7

After following the above mentioned steps you can easily create a desktop database application by using Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch.