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Microsoft Expression Design is one of the family members of Microsoft Expression Studio. As it is clear from its name “Expression Design”, that Microsoft Expression Design has been developed for designing purpose. Expression Design is a very easy tools to design Graphics and Logos. Today I am going to tell you that how you can use Microsoft Expression Design.

I am using Microsoft Expression Design 4, as it is the latest version (you can download it from Microsoft Expression’s Official Page). When you open your Expression Design 4. You will see the window you it is shown below.

Create New Design

To create new Expression Design Document click File Menu and then click New (as in Mark 1). After you click new you will be asked about the title, size and resolution of the new document. See in the picture below (Mark 1). Click ok when you done.

New Document

After creating new document you will see the window, that I have shown below. In this picture Mark (1) is the document design area. Mark(2) have the tools for the designing. Mark (3) is the properties Panel. and the Mark (4) is the Layers Panel.

New Document Created

By following the above mentioned steps you can use this cool product of Microsoft for designing the graphics and logos. In future I will tell you how to use the tools and features of the Expression Design briefly.