Microsoft Visio 2010 -- Using the RibbonIn my previous post which was related to Microsoft Visio 2010. I told you guys about theĀ  working with files in the backstage view. Now the another confusing point for some of the users (who are using Microsoft Visio for the first time ) is the ribbon. Because in the previous versions of Microsoft Visio commands were found in the Menus and Toolbars, but in this latest version Microsoft Visio 2010, Microsoft introduced the Ribbon instead of Menus and Toolbars. In this post, I will show you that where are your desired commands in the ribbon.

Microsoft Visio 2010 -- Ribbon(Tabs and Groups)

The Ribbon have number of Tabs (like Home Tab and Insert Tab) and every tab has Sub Groups (like Paragraph Group and Shape Group) to further classify the commands so that we can find them easily. In the above picture I have marked series of Tabs with Red and the Sub Groups are marked with Blue.

Microsoft Visio 2010 -- Ribbon(Home Tab)

In the Home tab (Marked with Red (1)) Microsoft have given the most common commands, like Font Tools to change the Font Family or to change the Font details, Paragraph tools to change the paragraph setting, Shape Tools to change or add details in the shapes, Arrangement Tools to arrange the shapes or Flow Charts.

Microsoft Visio 2010 -- Ribbon(Different Tabs)

Similarly there are different Tabs and Groups and you can understand their purpose from their names. Like Insert Tab have the commands to insert some thing, and the things that you can insert are divided in the groups that can be used easily.

Now you have found the commands in the new Microsoft Visio 2010, so you can work with Microsoft Visio 2010 very easily after reading this post. I will soon make a tutorial for the shapes and flow charts in Microsoft Visio 2010.