hp-cairo-print-stationFew days back, we have shared the news that HP opened its first store in Vancouver, Canada and we have also shared the pictures of the opening event. Recently, HP Middle East has opened the HP Print Station in Cairo in association with Quality Egypt Co. Let us tell you about the new HP Print Station in Cairo. The HP Print Station is a Hewlett Packard branded store focusing on service and convenience. This is a great initiative taken by HP to facilitate all kind of customers which includes small & medium business and individual customers by providing them a place from where they can easily get the broad range of printing applications conveniently from their desktop or in-store.

According to Mr. Amin Mortazavi who is the General Manager of Imaging and Printing Group, HP Middle East:AminMortazavi

The HP Print Station concept is being implemented in Egypt to address specific customer needs based on a country wide customer survey HP recently commissioned. The needs which the HP Print Station concept serves include: making high quality printing accessible and fast for the travelling business person and students as well; simplifying and speeding up the process of getting great quality printouts and, providing equipment for special printing and finishing applications. We plan to roll out additional stores in Egypt within the next year.

Susanne Heis who is the Vice President & General Manager of Imaging & Printing Group Middle East, Mediterranean & Africa for HP, said: susanneh_hp

The printing market in the Egypt is growing at a very rapid rate, there are over 50 HP Print Stations in 9 countries, including now 3 in the Middle-East and HP is currently planning for more. SMB’s constitute more than 85% of the total business revenue and that owing to the strong Egyptian governmental focus on SMB development this is forecast to rise in the future. While representing 13% of the total Middle Eastern printing market, Egypt is forecast to be one of the fastest growing markets in the region with projected growth of 85% between 2007 and 2012.

At the opening ceremony , Mr Magdy Shaaban who is the Quality Egypt Co. Managing Director said:

We are excited to be partners in the launch of HP Print Station in Egypt. This is a unique customer oriented initiative, bringing more convenience, superb quality and cost effectiveness to every client. We are extremely happy to join hands with HP.


The HP Print Station located in the Mokatam district of Cairo will be operated by Quality Egypt Co, to address a broad range of customer segments and printing demands. We would like to wish HP EMEA best of luck for this initiative and opening of this HP Print Station in Cairo, Egypt.

Via [AMEinfo]