Few months back, we have shared our thoughts about the first ever Pakistan based Classmate PC by Viper. Again, we are going to tell you guys about the latest Intel-Powered convertible Classmate PCs. The design of Intel-powered convertible classmate PC is a part of the Intel Learning Series. Intel is also working with various governments of different countries to provide basic technology services for various schools and colleges , in this regard they donate hundreds of Intel-powered convertible classmate PCs to schools and colleges.

CIMG1003These classmate PCs contains  features like aesthetics with ruggedness, full PC functionality with enhanced e-reading capabilities and improved performance with energy efficiency. The basic purpose of Intel for designing these classmate PCs is following:

It will join the clamshell classmate PC design to provide classrooms around the world with a purpose-built solution for education. The Intel-powered classmate PC provides powerful computing performance to support various educational applications and activities.

Some of the leading PC manufacturers working on the design of classmate PCs and some of them released their product as well. Let’s move to the machine.


  • Intel® Atom™ processor – built for low power consumption and designed specifically for a new wave of mobile Internet devices and simple, affordable netbooks.
  • Increased memory and storage to run education applications that help students succeed today and build skills for the future.
  • Integrated wireless connectivity with WiFi and providing the options of 3G, GPS, WiMAX for easy network and Internet connections.
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 8.5 hours* of battery life so students and teachers don’t have to worry about plugging in [*with optional 6-cell battery].
  • 10.1” LCD monitor with 1024 x 600 resolution.
  • Built-in rotational camera for more natural and intuitive picture taking.
  • Built-in audio and microphone so students can experience and create multimedia.


The Intel-powered convertible classmate PC is easy to hold and carry with heat dissipation features, rubberized surface for easy grip and a comfortable, low-profile handle that supports a variety of holding and carrying positions.



Best for a Student:

The Intel-powered convertible classmate PC is durable, lightweight and compact construction withstands everyday use and is perfect for child-size hands, small desks and various classroom configurations like improved ruggedness with drop test from desk height , hard drive protection , water-resistant (keyboard, touchpad and screen) , bump and scratch resistant , optional anti-microbial keyboard.





Micro Mobility:

The Intel-powered convertible classmate PC can convert instantly from a clamshell design to a tablet PC, allowing students to naturally change form factors as they move about between activities and locations in the classroom, an observation that Intel ethnographic researchers have termed “micro-mobility.” The digital accelerometer automatically switches the screen orientation, so students can hold their PCs any way they want and with whatever hand they use to write.





Fun along with Studies:

The Intel-powered convertible classmate PC provides fun along with the studies with Touch-optimized user interface for the eReader application included , Students can touch the screen to scroll and turn pages or use convenient buttons at the side of the display , Supports mainstream ebook file formats like pdf and ePub  , improved note taking experience with annotation software application , handwriting recognition and note-taking software give students the choice to input content without typing , handwriting recognition is available in multiple localized languages , cool surface temperature for comfort while using in tablet format , in tablet mode, the “palm resting” feature ignores the touch of hands resting on the screen, allowing students to write and draw intuitively , ergonomic stylus is wide and triangular for comfortable grip, and can be attached to the classmate PC with an optional tether.











Working Environment with Classmate PCs:

The Intel-powered convertible classmate PC promotes collaboration and teamwork between students in the classroom like In clamshell mode, the screen swivels 180 degrees so content is easily shared with classmates ,In tablet mode, students can easily carry their classmate PCs around the classroom or outside to facilitate group projects , With the built-in rotatable camera, students can photograph or film themselves and their classmates from their desks or while on the go , Dual headphone jacks allow students to share audio with a classmate or teacher , Digital microphone enhances voice input and online chat quality , Instant Collaborator software lets students easily share files and screens with classmates.





As a summary, we can say that it is a machine which provides almost everything to student for his/her basic needs. You see more pictures of Intel-powered convertible classmate PC on our Facebook fan page. We are very thankful to Intel Pakistan for providing us this amazing -powered convertible classmate PC. For more details click here.