Top 10 fan pages of HP on Facebook in 2010In June, I have shared a list of top 16 Facebook fan pages of different countries of HP. Today, I am going to share the list of top 10 fan pages of HP on Facebook of the year 2010. When we made the survey then we found that how people love HP around the globe. There are more than 50 fan pages of HP present on Facebook. This survey also surprised us that number of fans on every fan page of HP is increasing day by day. Some of the countries have a large number of fans on their fan pages.

We have created a list of top 10 fan pages of different countries which are related to HP with respect to their fans on Facebook. So, without any delay you can see the top 10 fan pages of HP on Facebook:

1. HP USA – Corporate

Number of fans = 178, 611


2. HP USA – Snapfish

Number of fans = 153,787


3. HP USA – HP for home

Number of fans = 144, 393


4. HP Czech Republic

Number of fans = 137,506


5. HP Serbia

Number of fans = 31,622


6. HP Pakistan

Number of fans = 29,934


7. USA – HP for Students

Number of fans = 29, 318


8. HP Croatia

Number of fans = 27, 394


9. HP Slovakia

Number of fans = 24,931


10. HP Israel

Number of fans = 23,023


We hope that remaining fan pages of HP (more than 40) will improve their performance on social media and also do work hard as much as they can. We also like to wish HP ‘best of luck’ for the year 2011.