top-3-animated-movies-made-on-hp-z-workstationsBecause of the present technology of HP, most of the leading film makers moving towards the animated movies. DreamWorks Animation released some of the top animated movies of the year 2010. We have done a survey and create a list of top 3 animated movies of the year 2010 which was made on HP’s Z Workstations. DreamWorks Animation is using HP Z Workstations for their upcoming movies too.

Following are the top 3 animated movies of the year 2010 which was made on HP’s Z Workstations:

1. “How to Train Your Dragon

2. “Shrek Forever After

3. “Megamind

According to Videomaker:

The HP workstation line is designed with the video editor and 3D modeler in mind. The workstation line comes in four flavors: Z200, Z400, Z600, and Z800. For the video editor, the Z200 and Z400 models are just what the doctor ordered. If you’re more into 3D modeling then the Z600 or Z800 models may be a better choice. This review is for the Z400.

Videomaker is one of the best magazine video enthusiasts recognized the HP Z400 Workstation because of its outstanding working ability especially for filmmakers to make their work more real and cool. Videomaker named HP Z400 Workstation as the “Best Editing Computer” in their list of annual Best Video Products of the Year.

According to Videomaker about HP Z400 Workstation:

The Z400 can be tailored to meet individual needs at an affordable price, making it ideal for video editors that need a variety of customizations including specific types of CPUs, hard drives and graphics cards. The HP Z400 is designed with video editors in mind, packing in an Intel CPU and an Nvidia Quadro FX 3800 graphics to power through just about any task.

We hope that DreamWorks Animation will make new films with the help of HP Z400 Workstation.

Via [HP Blogs]