hp-eprint-liveHP showed that they are awesome in all means. Yesterday’s event of “Improv Comedy online with Rob Riggle, the UCB and HP ePrint Live” at New York. This was the first event of its kind because of the ePrint technology of HP. Rob Riggle and the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) worked in collaboration with HP for this live event. People watched this event live on YouTube and Facebook.

If anyone of the HP fans missed the event then ready for the action because we have gather all the videos of the HP ePrint live featuring Rob Riggle and the UCB which are following:

1.HP ePRINT LIVE – Sizzlin’ T-Bone Barbecu

2. HP ePRINT LIVE – Improv Mashup Finale


3. HP ePRINT LIVE – Worst Medical Drama Ever

4. HP ePRINT LIVE – White Rabbits Perform "Percussion Gun"

5. HP ePRINT LIVE – Teen Comes Home Late

6. HP ePRINT LIVE – Taco Stand

7. HP ePRINT LIVE – Mortician makes Mistake

8. HP ePRINT LIVE – Man Narrates while Wife gives Birth

9.HP ePRINT LIVE – Drunken Scientists

10. HP ePRINT LIVE – 80s Glam Band

11. HP ePRINT LIVE – The Real King Arthur Story

12. HP ePRINT LIVE – Stuckey & Murray Performance

13. HP ePRINT LIVE – State Welcome Committee

14. HP ePRINT LIVE – Mall Security

15. HP ePRINT LIVE – First day of College

16. HP ePRINT LIVE – Believers in Spam

17. HP ePRINT LIVE – Dog… not Girlfriend

18. HP ePRINT LIVE – Parent Teacher Conference

19. HP ePRINT LIVE – Marti Gras Lockout

20. HP ePRINT LIVE – 3 Brothers date the same woman

21. HP ePRINT LIVE – Child at the Dentist

We will share more  videos soon. HP Imaging and Printing group have done a great job regarding this HP ePrint live event. And as a fan & blogger I want to congratulate Bryna and Liza from HP for doing a great job in making of this event awesome. You can check the Facebook fan page of HP for more details.