If you are using Microsoft Office 2010 and you dont know about the amazing features of it then dont worry we are here to guide you about the latest features of Microsoft Office 2010. As Microsoft Office 2010 is full of new and cool features, so lets add another awesome feature that distinguishes it from previous office products. Lets say, you have a presentation on your PC and you want to present it on some other venue then how would this be possible ? Would you use Net Meeting or Remote Desktop Connection to connect? or send a copy of the file?

The answer is much simpler that it looks. Just broadcast the presentation without any confusion and hesitation through Microsoft Power Point 2010. So, this  tutorial will tell you about how to broadcast your presentations over the internet. This feature is very important with respect to many aspects like teachers can use it , students can teach the others with the help of this feature instead of combine study etc. Your presentation is ready to present then following are the steps which will help you to broadcast your presentation over the internet:

1- Click the Broadcast Slide Show, from the Start Slide Show group which resides in the Slide Show tab.


2- A new window will be opened, select the Start Broadcast button.


3- Now enter your Hotmail/live email address and password and select OK.


4- Here comes the link, which you can share to your audiences, doesn’t matter where you are and where they are. Just need to be connected to the internet. Send them the link by email or send them through the IM, what ever way you like and then start the broadcast by clicking the button .


5- Once you have started the Slide Show, the Presentation will be broadcasting. The audiences can view the slides by visiting the link that you have email them or share with them any how. After visiting the link the presentation will look like this in their Browser. Whatever you do to the slides(changing or marking a point) during the broadcast will also be shown.


6- To end your broadcast, look at the yellow strip and click on that.


7- When the broadcast is over. It looks like this to the viewers.


After following the above steps you can easily broadcast your presentation over the internet. If any one of you guys having any query related to this post then do drop a comment. We will be sharing more articles soon related to Microsoft Office 2010.