hp_webos2.0HP showed their whole lineup of notebooks, netbooks, monitors, desktop PCs and many more products. Along with all of the above products , people are very excited for February9, 2011 because on January 9 HP Palm will going to make some important announcements which may contain the launch of HP PalmPad with WebOS 2.5.

palmAccording to Fred Bullock who is the Marketing Vice President of HP Personal Systems Group:

HP decided to hold back to keep its introduction from getting lost in the slew of tablets that are expected to flood the show. People are moving toward owning multiple devices so how media is captured and shared has to change.

About HP Palm WebOS and its applications Fred Bullock said:

WebOS has an application called Synergy that allows Palm devices to interface with each other. This will be brought into the PC world so tablets, laptops, desktops and other devices will seamlessly communicate and share content. HP intends to license this WebOS functionality so other vendor’s products can share with HP devices.

We are very excited for this WebOS event.