CES-2011-hpAll of the tech loving people are very excited for this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) which will be starting in Las Vegas from 5 January, 2010. Many of the analysts think that this year (2011) will be a year of tablet computer. They also think that there are some companies will show their tablet devices in CES 2011 include HP and many more. We saw in the last year’s CES that there were some devices announced but they had never hit the market.


People are also waiting for the HP’s PalmPad (with Palm’s WebOS 2.5). PalmPad will be available soon after the CES 2011, according to the sources. PalmPad will run on Sprint’s 4G network and it will be available in market after CES 2011 in four different sizes, there is one size especially for students. We will cover every news about HP from CES 2011.

Via [FoxNews]