d6767dd4bc6cc2927b02a2a293a34353I always try to write something very amazing by which people can see my passion about HP. Many of my posts were shared by HP on their social media which is a great achievement for me. From last few days HP is working on a campaign which is named as “Everybody On” (Express your personal passion). Well, all of you know that ‘A New HP World’ will be starting from tomorrow in Shanghai, China.

This event will also mark the official launch of HP Personal Systems Group’s “Everybody On” marketing campaign in Asia Pacific. The new campaign celebrates how people around the world are using HP technology to pursue their personal and professional passions. I have been working since February 5, 2011 on my post and now it is ready to share with the world. My passion is to write about HP and in this picture which is full of my personal passion; I have created a infographic of history of Hewlett-Packard (from 1938 to 2011). This is my personal passion and I love it. This is a gift for the people who will be attending ‘A New HP world’ in China and a welcome gift as well for the launch of ‘Everybody On’ in Asia Pacific region


I don’t know much about Photoshop but one of my friends helps me to finalize it , the above picture was too big in size so I spitted it in 2 parts and merge them. I hope that you guys will like this effort of mine. I am very thankful to Darren Gladstone and Ken Henault (@BladeGuy) for helping me in researching and collecting of data. Follow us on Facebook and twitter for news related to HP. If you like this effort then do share comments and suggestions with us.