Ever since I have started using Internet, I have an e-mail address which was the very first email address “@hotmail.com”. In parallel I was also using “@yahoo.com” address, but it wasn’t my favorite, still now the Windows Live has the features that makes a relation with the user with their simple and nice interface, things has so easy and simple as never before. I used filtering of messages in Gmail and Yahoo as well, but it wasn’t the easy as Windows Live. Let me show you some of the simple tricks to manage your Inbox and organize your incoming  e-mails by applying the rules we made in Windows Live.

Following are hte steps which will guide you that how to create folder in windows live and setting the filtering rules:

1-  Staring from the scratch, log in to your Live account or Hotmail account by visiting live.com or hotmail.com or sing up if you don’t have one, have a look here.


2- Go to your inbox, there in the left navigation pane under the inbox option from where you can find the Folders option. With the Folders options, we can see a small gear that actually is the button for the Folders settings. Over the mouse through the button you’ll see the pop-up box with three more options.

  • Manage folders
  • Add a new folder
  • Manage rules

After the Folders discussion we will move back to the Manage rule option.


To mange the folders, first we must have a Folder. Lets add a new one using the 2nd option “Add a new folder”.  Make a new one , type in its name here. If another one exist and you wanted to make this folder the child folder on any existing, then select the folder from the list. These are the some of folders that I created.