Artists who are very passionate about their work and because of this passion they have created some very exclusive wallpapers for HP. In the edition of 2011, there are some of the beautiful and awesome wallpapers included which were created by some of the leading artists from around the globe.

I was thinking that how can I tell the people about these beautiful, exclusive, creative and outstanding wallpapers then I have decided that I should create Windows 7 themes of these wallpapers with respect to category. Following are the Windows 7 Themes of HP exclusive wallpapers from leading artists and designers:

folk art GeometricsOne GeometricsTwo
Nature People Places
Pop Art Shapes Sketches

I hope that you will like this contribution of mine. This is what passion is all about because Everybody Design. You can join my Facebook fan page and you can also follow me on Twitter as well for all the news related to HP from around the globe.