HP-250k-fans-on-facebookI have been monitoring and observing almost all the fan pages of HP on Facebook and also monitors their Twitter accounts as well. In the beginning of February, I have told you guys and HP as well that HP will hit the 200k mark of fans on their fan page on Facebook. Now, another milestone is coming on their way because HP is hitting the mark of 250k fans on their Facebook fan page in next few hours.

HP one of the most growing brands on Facebook. HP is only 86 fans away from the mark of 250k.


At the moment, HP’s Facebook fan page have 249,914 fans. On Twitter, HP’s official Twitter accounts which includes HP (Personal System Group), HP (Imaging & Printing Group) & etc. (You can check 25+ Official Accounts of HP on Twitter) are doing a great job and the number of followers is also increasing day by day. We hope that HP will work more hard to make a better connection than present with their fans with the help of the social media. You can join HP’s Facebook fan page.