HP-EliteBook8560wOne of the correspondents of HP Blogs got a chance to take an exclusive interview of Josh Peterson who is the Manager of Worldwide Product Marketing for HP Workstations and Chris Convertito who is the Worldwide Category Manager of Mobile Workstations. Both of the above mentioned executives were present at recently organized event in Las Vegas which was named as National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show.

Chris and Josh shared the important things related to the workstations of HP in the market and told that how power machines they are which brings creativity and innovation alongwith them. They also discussed that how these powerful workstations enable small and medium businesses to grow faster than ever before. Following is the Q&A between Jim Christensen (HP’s correspondent) and Josh & Chris:

Jim Christensen: What new products is HP launching today?

wsz210_post.jpgChris Convertito: On the mobile workstations side, we’re launching our HP EliteBook 8460w, 8560w and8760w mobile workstations that have been completely redesigned from the ground up for 2011.

Josh Peterson: And for desktop workstations, HP is launching the Z210 convertible mini-tower (CMT) andsmall form factor (SFF), adding extremely affordable entry-level workhorses to HP’s award-winning Z series of workstations.

JC: A lot of our readers might not be familiar with these products, so can you share some of the benefits of using a workstation over a PC?

JP: Workstations are a fit for users who need greater reliability and performance for graphics-intensive projects and mission-critical computing. A few of the features that differentiate a workstation from a PC are ISV certifications to run the most demanding software applications and the inclusion of ECC memory, Intel Xeon processors and enhanced professional graphics. While PCs are a fit for many mainstream business users, workstations are for those who need extra graphics and processing power to get the job done. Each HP workstation is also put through rigorous testing that goes beyond regulatory and industry standards to ensure system durability and reliability.

Josh Peterson Head Shot 2010.jpgJC: Chris, can you tell us a bit about the cool new design and performance features on the mobile workstations?
CC: Inspired by aerospace craftsmanship and materials, HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations blend modern design and precision engineering that offers manageability, durability, or performance. With a radial-brushed cover in its signature gunmetal color, the new workstations also include an HP DuraCase to provide a high level of protection for internal components.

The mobile workstations have the latest Intel architecture and second generation Intel Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors, providing increased processing performance over previous generations. The 8560w and 8760w can be configured with up to 32GB of system memory, which enables users to work with larger project files and increase their overall productivity. In addition, the mobile workstations feature the latest high performance mobile professional graphics solutions from AMD’s FirePro line and NVIDIA’s Quadro line, which are certified to run the most robust and demanding professional applications from top ISVs.

JC: What kinds of small businesses should think about moving to mobile workstations? How can this technology help with common challenges?

CC: SMBs in the engineering, animation, photo and video editing, and oil and gas or financial industries should consider using mobile workstations to run their critical applications. Our mobile workstation products go through extensive durability and reliability testing, combined with our rigorous ISV certification program help minimize down time and ensure users remain productive. The largest challenge our mobile workstations help address is the strong trend towards mobility in business. More and more, professionals are away from the office and need to have the tools to continue to be productive while they are on-the-go. Mobile workstations help creative professionals stay productive when they are away from their office by providing workstation-caliber performance and reliability wherever their work takes them.

wsz210_post3.jpgJC: Josh, what types of users is the desktop workstation a good fit for?

JP: Offered at starting prices that rival those of traditional desktop computing systems and raising the bar for performance, the Z210 models are perfect for video editing, MCAD/AEC and image viewing customers. At 65 percent smaller than the HP Z210 CMT, the Z210 SFF is ideal for cubicles and compact work spaces and with four levels of workstations to choose from, HP is making a significant impact in the industries that drive digital creation.

JC: I know the Z200 was a popular entry level workstation, so what’s new in terms of performance on the Z210?

JP: Both the Z210 CMT and SFF offer the choice of high-performance, enterprise-class Intel® Xeon® E3 and second-generation Intel Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors. With these powerful processor options, the Z210 models surpass PC offerings and increase overall performance up to 20 percent over previous-generation processors. The Z210 Workstations also use the latest 2-D and 3-D graphics options from NVIDIA and AMD, and next-generation, processor-integrated professional Intel HD graphics significantly lower the entry cost for 3-D graphics.

JC: These are great overviews of the new solutions announced today. Are there any cool examples you can share of how a small business delivered cutting edge content on HP workstations?

CC: We see a lot of filmmakers using mobile workstations outfitted with our DreamColor display option on the set to capture and view scenes minutes after they were shot. Then after a full day in the field shooting, they retire to a hotel suite and spend the night editing video, mixing audio, and sending rough cuts out for client approval using an HP mobile workstation. This saves them large amounts of time since they can begin the post production process in the field without having to go to a stationary editing bay that may not be anywhere close to where they are shooting the video.

JP: The Bandito Brothers definitely fit that description. A high action commercial and film production company, the Bandito Brothers use HP desktop and mobile workstations to capture sports car races, military rescues and stunts, bringing action to both the small screen and the big screen. A variety of other companies are using workstations to improve their business, including Local Motors and Infinite Frameworks – be sure to check out those blogs posts for more details.


I am very thankful to HP for providing me the details.  If you want more details then you can check HP Blogs.

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