hp-coolsense-technologyEveryone is very much impressed by HP’s CoolSense Technology. I have heard and mad e a lot of research on this technology but after experiencing it, I can say that HP CoolSense technology is something which make HP’s product better than others. Let me tell you that how HP CoolSense Technology works.

One thing which is the baseline of this technology is the sensing criteria like HP CoolSense technology detects where are you working (on your computer table or sitting comfortably on your bed) and it adjust your PC’s cooling to prevent heating automatically. Now let’s take a look on the following video, you will get the idea of HP CoolSense Technology’s working:

Following is the workflow of how HP CoolSense technology works:

  • Automatic detection system uses the motion sensor in your notebook PC to sense where your PC is being used and automatically adjust the cooling.
  • Strategically placed vents minimize heat and channel it away from the PC’s base to keep your notebook PC from overheating.
  • HP Thermal Assistant software allows you to specify your cooling preferences (maximum cooling, quiet or optimized performance) and automatically shifts into that mode when you’re mobile.

This technology is a great achievement of HP’s Personal System Group. Many other machines of HP PSG will be coming up with HP CoolSense Technology very soon.