Add & Manage Other Email Accounts in Microsoft Office 365

Everyone have multiple accounts and all of them are important for most of the people. In Microsoft Office 365, you can connect as many accounts as you can. In my last few tutorials , I have shared that how to setup emails for automatic replies , how can you create email signature in Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office 365 on your computer , how to install desktop app of Microsoft Office 365 , how to import your contacts in Microsoft Office 365 and many more.

In today’s tutorial, I will guide you that how can you connect & manage accounts in Microsoft Office 365. Following are some of the easy steps which will help you to add & manage other email accounts in Microsoft Office 365:

1- Log into your Microsoft Office 365 account.1

2- After signing in, select Options which is present under Outlook Category.2

3- After selecting, Options section will be open in new tab window and now select Account from the left sidebar.3

4- Now open the Connected Accounts tab which is present on the right side.


5- After opening the tab, now select ‘New’ in order to add your account.5

6- When you select ‘New’, a pop-up window will open where you have to write the credentials of your account which you want to add.6

7- Then the system will search your account and add it.7

After following all of the above mentioned steps you can easily add & manage other email accounts in Microsoft Office 365.