how-to-import-contacts-in-microsoft-office-365-header-imageI am covering Microsoft Office 365 which is something very amazing and awesome from last few days. Microsoft Office 365 is a commercial software plus services offering from Microsoft Corporation for small businesses. In my last tutorials , I have guided you guys that How to Work with Microsoft Office 365 on your Computer, How to Download & Install Microsoft Office 365 Desktop app in your Computer and How to Download & Install Microsoft Lync 2010 for Office 365 on your Computer.

Today, I am going to tell that how can you important contacts in Microsoft Office 365. Following are some of the steps which h will help you import your contacts in Microsoft Office 365:

1 – Sign in to your Hotmail account and export the contacts in a .csv file. (You can export by selecting Sign In > Click Contacts > Select ‘Manage’ from the toolbar > Select Export > Enter the security code, and then click Export. > Save the file).


2- Sign into your Microsoft Online Services account by logging onto Microsoft Office 365’s

3- After signing in, click on the ‘Options’ in order to open the Outlook Web

4 – After selecting ‘Options’ , another tab will open in which you can see the different options related to Outlook web app. Select ‘Import your contacts from an existing e-mail account’.how-to-import-contacts-in-microsoft-office-365-image4

5- When you click on ‘Import your contacts from an existing e-mail account’ then a pop-up windows will open which will ask you to choose the exported file of contacts. And after selecting click ‘Next’.how-to-import-contacts-in-microsoft-office-365-image5

6- After clicking ‘Next’, Outlook will import your contact from the select

7- After importing, it will show that how many of the contacts are imported. Click on ‘Finish’ to end the

After following the above mentioned steps you can easily import your contacts in Microsoft Office 365.