hp-roadshowWe all use printer quite a lot for different purposes like for office’s work , university’s assignments etc. Hewlett Packard is the leader of printing industry. HP’s Image & Printing Group is working very well around the globe. Recently, HP launched its technology of ePrint which is an amazing technology.  In Pakistan, HP Printers are one of the most famous printers and they are covering a huge part of consumer and business market in Pakistan.

HP IPG (Pakistan) launched HP ePrint technology in Pakistan in February 2011. From 20th May, 2011, HP IPG (Pakistan) started a series of roadshows around the country which includes the major cities of Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar). If you want to experience the latest ePrint technology then do visit HP stall in your city. Following are the details of the timings, date, venue and city of the roadshows:


We have got some pictures of Karachi’s roadshow , which are following:

hp-roadshow-karachi-1hp-roadshow-karachi-2hp-roadshow-karachi-3hp-roadshow-karachi-4So don’t wait for anything, just go and experience the latest printing technology of HP. Do post your pictures from the venue to our Facebook fan page.