We are all born for some reason, aren’t we? Some of us take up technology as our passion. The passion is then nourished with your imagination. All of this is followed by an inspiration to fight world’s toughest problems.  All complain about what’s wrong with this world we live in, and these are the students who dedicate their systems to make it right.World hunger, poverty, education, environment, and pollution and so on, the list is huge. Microsoft Imagine Cup gives these students a base to showcase their talent to the world and to be guided by the best. This year Imagine Cup is hosted at New York City, U.S.A. from 8th July to 13th July. This is the list of this year’s qualified teams.

With huge cash prizes and amazing exposure, Imagine Cup has been the dream. Personally speaking, I wish I knew about this when I was in my early college years. The best part about Imagine Cup is the people who get in. If you have a closer look at the qualifying team, you would realize that most of them are not from the world’s best colleges and that they have amazing stories of life. Many of them come from challenging backgrounds and fight their way all to the top.

Now it has been my honor to be a part of Imagine Cup 2011 as Social Media Student Enthusiast. I will be reporting the stories of Imagine Cup finalists and their projects live from IC 2011 at New York. So stay tuned because there’s a LOT coming up. Be a witness to more than 100 teams fighting hard to eradicate OUR problems and we pray they make world a better place to live in.