I have been working on Microsoft Windows Azure from last few months and working on my own application of Windows Phone 7 with Windows Azure. I have just heard the news few minutes back that Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows Azure Toolkits for Windows Phone, iOS and a preview of tools for Android.

That’s something very outstanding from Microsoft for developers like me. With the help of these toolkits, cloud can be accessible for developers to change their imagination into reality with the help of their creativity and Windows Azure for different mobile OS. It’s also includes Groupon, which will help to create unified approach to cloud-to-mobile user experience, according to TechNet blog. A huge number of the customers are using different devices around the globe due to this Forrester said that in 2015 , the application market of mobile phones will cross the $7 Billion. Let’s talk a look on the Windows Azure Toolkit for iPhone (v 1.0).

Windows Azure Toolkit for iPhone (v1.0):

If you are a developer then download this toolkit and start working on your apps for iPhone on the Windows Azure Platform. You only have to compile your iPhone code libraries to work with Windows Azure. There is a sample iOS application is present in the toolkit along with the documentation and a “Cloud Ready” Windows Azure deployment package is present as well.

Download the Windows Azure Toolkit for iPhone:

Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone (v1.2):

It was released in April 2011. According to the TechNet blog, new features for developers will be available in next two weeks which includes the integration with the Windows Azure Access Control Service (e.g., a wizard, automatic setup, tooling and code), full support for Windows Azure Storage Queues and an updated user interface for the supporting Web application.

Click here to download Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone.

Windows Azure Toolkit for Android (Prototype Preview):

Now, Android platform developers can start their work with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android as they toolkit is also available for the iOS and Windows Phone 7.

via [TechNet]