How-to-use-built-in-styles-in-windows-phone-7.1Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7.1 few days back. As a developer, Windows Phone 7.1 is full of features which allow the user to do a lot of things. During the development of some applications I thought that I should share some tips and tricks with my fellow developers, so because of this reason I am going to guide that how can you use built-in styles in Windows Phone 7.1.

There are few ways by which you can create a reliable look like you can use built-in styles and resources or you can create your own styles. Following are some of the important steps by which you can use built-in styles in Windows Phone 7.1:

1. Launch Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.1

2. Create a New Project by selecting New > Project.2

3. After selecting Project, a pop-up window will open from which you have selected that which kind of project you want to create like I am selecting Windows Phone Application.3

4. Insert a button into the ContentPanel of your application from Toolbox.4

5. Now click on the button and you can see the ‘Properties’ on the right side.5

6. From the Properties, select ’Advance Properties’ of Background.6

7. When you click on the advance properties then a drop-down menu open and select “Apply Resource”.7

8. Then select any of the given option from the pop-up menu. I am selecting ‘PhoneAccentBrush’. Since the background of the button is set to PhoneAccentBrush, the button color will be based on the user’s current accent color. 8

After following the above mentioned steps you will easily use built-in styles during developing a Windows Phone 7.1 application. I will share some more tutorials very soon.