HP-300K-FANS-ON-FACEBOOK-LOGOWe have been keeping our eye on the number of fans on the official fan HP fan page on Facebook for the last 2 years. We already informed you when HP crossed the 200k and 250k mark of fans on Facebook. HP crossed 250k fans mark on April 19, 2011 and we were the first to break the news.

Now HP has again broken their previous record, creating another chapter in history for HP on Facebook. HP hit the mark of 300k fans on its Facebook fan page on June 12 2011. There were 299,478 fans on the fan page and almost 524 fans are remaining in hitting the big mark at the time of reporting .


I hope that HP will get the remaining fans in today’s date and create the history once again. I am very glad and happy on this achievement of the HP’s special media team whose leader is Bryna. Congrats Bryna and her team for achieving this great achievement.