If you are thinking to buy a new monitor then this is the right time to buy it because HP has bring something very special to you. HP introduced new ultra-thin, HP Elite L2201x which will bring a new life style to your workspace and HP called it “Kate Moss of business monitors.”

HP-Elite-L2201x-Image1According to HP Blog:

HP’s slimmest business monitor to date, the 21.5-inch Elite L2201x is less than 0.4 inches thin or roughly the same width as a No. 2 pencil or a DVD case. In fact, it is so thin that it almost looks more like a sleek picture frame than a traditional monitor. Specifically designed for notebook users who need a second display at their desks or for small businesses that frequently entertain clients in the office, the monitor has a brushed aluminum rear finish that perfectly matches HP’s recently announced EliteBook p-series notebooks. More good news: there aren’t any screws to fasten or extra cables to plug in, making it easy to connect and disconnect your notebook multiple times throughout the day. The DisplayPort connector is key for people like me who find themselves working away from their desks many times throughout the day, but still want a simple desk setup when they get back to their cubicles. The Elite L2201x’s design is not just for show, with full HD resolution and a wide 16-by-9 aspect ratio for expanded panel real estate that allows more applications to be accessible at once. Since the monitor also uses MVA panel technology with LED backlights, the Elite L2201x gives users ultra-wide viewing angles and the reliability of solid state technology. With the Elite L2201x’s innovative design and business productivity features, you’re probably imagining that this sleek monitor comes with an expensive price tag. That’s not the case…it is priced at $199. This may just have to be the next monitor for my home office!

Following are the pictures of this HP’s slimmest business monitor:






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