touchstudioDevelopers are working very hard to provide the best apps to the consumer end-user. I always feel fun in developing Windows Phones 7 applications. I was just checking the marketplace and saw an app which helps you to write code on your phone, for your phone which is something awesome. This app is named as “TouchStudio”; this app is a brand new software development environment on the Windows Phone which brings the excitement of the first programmable personal computers to the phone.

Following are some of its screenshots:

Touch Studio

TouchStudio comes with many sample scripts.

Each script consists of actions, which consist of statements.

Edit a statement by tapping on it twice.

You edit expressions with a calculator-like editor.

TouchStudio is a free app available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Following is the video from which you will learn more about TouchStudio.


I am in love with this app. Hope you guys too like it. [Pictures via Microsoft Research]