hp-storageHP’s Storage is one of the main departments of HP and they are doing well in this department same as in other departments. Basically, HP storage services provides their customers adaptable and personalized storage to meet customer’s specific business needs. Experts of HP will create a storage place to address customer’s company’s storage issues and provide value to the business.

Upgrade your storage and avoid corporate systems becoming bogged down with data. Decrease customer’s company’s suffering from a lack of flexibility in storage rates. HP Storage Services can help you respond to explosive data growth by consolidating storage hardware and reducing silos of data. These services support a Converged Storage architecture—so customer can unify storage with your overall IT management for lower cost of ownership. Rely on HP to help their customers effectively manage customers storage growth through simple, scalable, and affordable data storage.
Following are some of the related services (according to HP Storage Services):

Storage Management Services

HP Storage Services has the answer for your storage dilemma. Choose from our four options to develop the choice that is right for your data:

  • Enterprise Storage – this high-end solution is designed for your most critical information
  • Data Center Storage – this lower-cost option integrates the HP 3PAR platform, a key element of HP’s Converged Storage architecture.
  • Departmental Storage – when you need centralized storage for a specific department’s information
  • Workplace Storage – protection for your remote transactions at a branch office or retail site
  • Storage Rationalization Assessment – a data placement assessment designed to reduce your storage costs by ensuring performance tiers are used only when necessary

Backup and Restore Services

HP Storage Services will help protect your data and transactions with varying recovery time and recovery point objectives:

  • Replication Services – produces a real-time copy of every transaction so no data is lost; the copy can be used for near-instant failover
  • Data Center Backup – daily backups are stored to a disk-based backup, with off-site and long-term tape-based options
  • Remote Backup Services – backs up your data from off-site locations, eliminating the need for someone to remember to back up daily
  • Mobile Information Protection – backs up information on your user’s personal computers to a centralized location