427458_10151377071300004_650845003_22790264_1439560135_nEvery campaign needs attraction of the consumer market and this is what Intel did in order to gain the attention of consumer market by creating such an awesome campaign. I am talking about Intel Ultrabook™ POP-UP THEATER. Let’s get started with the campaign which made me surprise and also attracted me towards itself. The Ultrabook™ POP-UP THEATER is a series of live stunts that demonstrates the ultra-thin design & responsiveness of the Ultrabook™. 

A uniquely choreographed team of 60 individuals create a human digital wall made of Ultrabooks. The Pop-Up teams make surprise appearances on the streets of Los Angeles, transforming an everyday location into a mini theater. Let’s talk a look at the following video and you will surly say ‘WOW’:

Recently, Intel Pakistan launched Intel Ultrabooks in an event where they have invited some of the famous technology bloggers. Event was quite interesting as I already know about the Ultrabooks. Mr.Naveed Siraj, who is the Country Head of Intel Pakistan, has started his demonstration about the Ultrabooks during which bloggers asked few questions relevant to the topic. Afterwards, Asma Aziz who is the Marketing Manager at Intel Pakistan share few awesome and outstanding features of Ultrabooks. Following are some of the pictures of the event: