Untitled_7163520790_lEvery year HP comes up with a new and even more creative idea which helps them to showcase their upcoming products in front of the world. Last year, HP named this event as ‘New HP World’ and now this year they named it as “HP Influencer Summit 2012”. Again this event is in progress in Shanghai, China.

In China, this year is the year of Dragon, which means the change will come, no matter in what form it will be in, but we are assuming that HP have brought the change for technology for China and rest of the world with the help of their innovative, creative, simple and attractive machines. Let’s take a look at Pictorial Tour of Day 1 of this summit.

This is a three day conference in which HP conveying their message that how they are focusing on combining the print industry with the personal system group.

According to PCAdvisor, Mr. Steve Hoffman who is the Vice President and Chief of Staff of Hewlett Packard says:

HP has been in China for 27 years and he predicts by 2015, 650 million people will be connected online in China

Anya unvieling the HP ENVY SpectreXT_7163592926_lMr. Jacob Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer and Partner, Bandito Bros, says:

HP’s product array provides a tape less workflow in my film production projects

He articulates the HP brand in video management and infact used the HP dream color monitor to shot the movie “Act of Valor”. He also showcased “Waiting for Lighting” a documentary film, which features skateboarder, Danny Way, (Danny jumped the great wall of China in July 2005) shot on Canon 5D MkII, Red Epic and edited on Z800 workstations, a small production foot print. The documentary will be released on fall 2012.

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