Managing your brand’s assets on digital media is now become a very important and effective tool of engaging your consumers online and increasing interaction with them . Today, I am going to guide you that how can you connect your (or brand’s) Instagram account to your brand’s Facebook/personal fan page (without using Statigram). Might be some people know about this but it will help the other ones who don’t know about this. This will also help the brands to increase interactions and fans engagement.

Following are some of the steps which will help you guys to connect your Instagram account to your fan page (Personal/Brand):

Step # 1: Add Intagram Feed Tab for Facebook Pages

Let’s begin with the first step in which you have to add the Instagram feed tab for Facebook pages by opening this link. After opening this link, Instagram will ask you to select the page on which you want to add your Instagram feed. See the below image for more clarity:

How-to-Add-Instagram-Feed-Tab-to-Your-Brands-Facebook-Fan Page-step-1

Now, I am going to select “Progmic” and then click on “Add Instagram Feed Tab” button as mentioned in the below image:

How-to-Add-Instagram-Feed-Tab-to-Your-Brands-Facebook-Fan Page-step-1a

Step # 2: Authorizing the Instagram Feed App

When you click on “Add Instagram Feed Tab” button then you will be redirected to the Instragram Login page where you have to enter your credentials:

How-to-Add-Instagram-Feed-Tab-to-Your-Brands-Facebook-Fan Page-step-2a

After submitting your login details, now Authorize the App by clicking on Authorize button.

How-to-Add-Instagram-Feed-Tab-to-Your-Brands-Facebook-Fan Page-step-2b

After Authorization, you are ready to use your Instagram Feed Tab on your page. You can also update the settings of the tab with the with the help of the marked buttons along with the moderation settings as well.

How-to-Add-Instagram-Feed-Tab-to-Your-Brands-Facebook-Fan Page-step-2c

I hope the above steps will help our readers in connecting their Instagram account with their pages on Facebook without using Statigram. If you want to learn more about how you can add Instragram on your brand’s Facebook page by using Statigram then click here. We will be writing more posts on Social Media and tools which will help to manage them.