Crazy-Masters-Hunt-Coca-ColaIn my last post, I have told you guys about the background of Coca-Cola Company and its history of winning awards in ‘The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity’. Recently, Coca-Cola has been named as the 2013 Creative Marketer of the Year Award (Formally known as the Advertiser of the Year Award) by Cannes Lions International which is the world’s largest and most prestigious global annual awards celebrating creative excellence in brand communications. Coca-Cola have won their first Cannes Lion in 1967, and so far it has over 100 Lions in different manners which includes advertising and communication, also a Design Grand Prix in 2008 for the US entry Coca-Cola Identity and, most recently, the 2012 Outdoor Grand Prix win for China for Coke Hands. One of the important reasons due to which Coca-Cola have won this prestigious award is their Activities for the good of society through their corporate strategy, in other words it’s known as “Corporate Social Responsibility’. Coca Cola have been working with a lot of NGOs, schools, foundations and other organizations who work for society to bring happiness from last few decades.

In Pakistan, Coca-Cola is one of the most favorite brands. Earlier this year, Coca-Cola  worldwide (including Pakistan) started a campaign in which they offered their consumers ‘Reasons To Believe’. Let me give you a small introduction about this campaign ‘Reasons To Believe’. Coca-Cola Egypt started a campaign in Ramadan in which they delivered a dose of happiness to economically strained countries in Europe such as Greece, Italy and Spain. In Philippines, Coca-Cola reminded consumers that there are many ‘Reasons to Be Thankful’ while thanking  Filipinos for making Coca-Cola a part of their lives. Coca-Cola has explained this phrase “Reasons To Believe” in the following way:

People around the world are going through tough times. They need to know that things will get better, and Coca-Cola is the brand that can provide this reassurance. For every reason to fear, there is a reason to hope. For every reason to give up or give in, there is a reason to dig deep and try harder. And for every reason to doubt, there are countless reasons to believe in a better tomorrow.

Few days back, Coca-Cola invited some bloggers and social media influencers in a unique kind of event at Tushan Beach near Karachi.  ‘Coca-Cola’s Hunt For Crazy Masters’ was the event in which the Group Brand Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan, Moiz Syed and CEO Asiatic PR Network, Zohare Ali Sharif, shared the details regarding this initiative by Coke. Take a look at one the videos here, shared by Moiz, which explains the philosophy of this initiative. In this video you can see those good moments Coca-Cola highlights in a new video advertisement that urges viewers to “look at the world a little differently.”

[ 'Look at the world a little differently' by Coca-Cola  ]

Crazy-Masters-Hunt-Coca-Cola-1In the above video, Coca-Cola has brought the other side of the usage of security cameras for the good of the society. Normally, these security cameras capture burglaries, brawls and automobile accidents. This also advertisements also shows that how people are crazy to help each others like people kissing, dancing, helping the homeless, saving others and, yes, sharing a Coke, having ‘Give A Little Bit’ song in the background.

One of the representatives from Coca-Cola stated that:

We want to remind people that acts of kindness and bravery are taking place around them all the time.

‘Coca-Cola’s Hunt For Crazy Masters’ is a campaign through which you can bring someone crazy in front of the world who loves to bring happiness to his/her surroundings. In this event, bloggers and social media influencers shared crazy stories from their surroundings which actually touched my heart. I must say that the arrangement and facilities were very well maintained & executed. If you know someone crazy around you, who is doing crazy things for good of the society then share their story on on Social Media. The official twitter hashtag is ‘#Crazy4Good’. At the end, I would like to wish good luck to Coca-Cola Pakistan for this crazy campaign.