hplogo2012HP is always known for his research work which actually helps the organizations in order to plan and maintain the performance of their IT department. Few days back, HP have unveiled a research report that reveals a growing need for IT performance measurements to be more automated and more closely aligned to organizational objectives in Singapore.

According to a study from Coleman Parkes Research, commissioned by HP:

Nearly all (99 percent) business and technology executives surveyed in Singapore recognize IT performance measurement as a critical tool. However, less than half (48 percent) of the respondents said they are using this measurement data to help inform decision making.It is critical for business and governments to have real-time visibility into and control over the IT that underpins many of the innovations they provide to their customers and citizens. These include online payments, mobile solutions and social media services. Organizations need to manage not only the delivery of the services but have the right insight to balance resources and IT investments.More than 70 percent of executives believe IT should be measured against their organization’s core performance metrics. However, the survey revealed that the most common assessments of IT performance today in Singapore are traditional IT metrics, such as “quality of service” (65 percent) and “speed of ticket resolution” (63 percent).  Meanwhile, business-focused metrics, such as “cost” and “customer satisfaction” are used by only 59 percent and 29 percent of respondents, respectively.As organizations use IT to communicate and deliver services to customers and citizens, it is critical that IT performance is measured against business metrics to ensure alignment with an organization’s objectives.


This research also states that information silos are hindering alignment between IT and the organization. Only 47 percent of Singapore executives said that IT performance information is shared widely across the organization. This figure underscores a deficiency in the important communications link between IT and the business. And this study also highlights a need for increased IT automation. More than 80 percent of executives in Singapore said that manual processes are part of their IT monitoring. Among those respondents, 71 percent said manual processes add time to or delay valuable information and feedback to the organization. These delays, combined with insufficient IT measurement; further hamper organizational agility.

Paul Muller, IT Management Evangelist, Software, Enterprise Business @ HP said that:


As IT is increasingly expected to align with business objectives and to respond quickly to changing priorities, IT leaders need ways of monitoring and reporting performance that is relevant, insightful and timely. IT can achieve this by automating manual processes and focusing on how IT contributes to more strategic measures such as customer satisfaction, cost and revenue growth.

Let’s talk about the methodology of this study which was conducted by Coleman Parkes Research on behalf of HP and comprised 600 interviews among senior business and technology executives in Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea and Singapore. The respondents were employees in enterprises (more than 2,000 employees) and midmarket companies (500-2,000 employees) in the following industries: financial services, manufacturing and distribution, public sector and telecommunications. The interviews were conducted via phone in September and October 2012 using the native language of the respondent.

We are hoping to have this kind of informative and useful research in near future which can help organizations in order to improve their performance.