Few years, back, HP has announced the industry’s first highly integrated system that delivers the greatest level of digital color consistency across a series of devices. A company-wide initiative, HP DreamColor Technologies builds on HP’s more than 20 years of experience in color imaging to provide customers the assurance of producing accurate, predictable and consistent color from device to device.

Gauth-Krishnamurti-oscar-award-2013HP DreamColor is a step toward a solution in which all devices involved in the capture, design, editing and printing process use sensor-based, closed-loop control systems for definitive color reproduction. Recently, this technology was used by Bill Westenhofer who is a visual effects supervisor for Rhythm and Hues Studios, and his team for "Life of Pi" for shining at this year’s Oscars. Overall, the film was awarded four Oscars, which included winning in the category of Best Visual Effects.  HP is thrilled that the company’s DreamColor technology was able to assist the "Life of Pi" visual effects team in creating a film that visually wowed audiences. Creating visually-stunning scenes was key to supporting the film’s central premise of letting audiences determine what is real and not real. In addition to Life of Pi claiming the Oscar, we’re excited to share that ALL nominees in the category of Best Visual Effects used HP DreamColor displays.

According to Gauth Krishnamurti, CTO of Rhythm & Hues Studios:

We could trust all of our DreamColor displays were showing the same colors without constant need for calibration. This allowed our artists to be assured that what they were seeing in Mumbai was the same color as their colleague in Vancouver and would be consistent with what is shown in theaters. We use DreamColor displays for all client and artist reviews. Our ability to see dynamic color ranges are absolutely critical. Without that ability, we would not be able to function as a business. I am completely amazed by what our artists are able to see on the DreamColor. One of the features we most appreciate is the way the display holds calibration. After unpacking a DreamColor, we calibrate once and then generally there is no maintenance. The DreamColor displays even hold calibration though power outages

LIFE-OF-PI-HPColor consistency is one of the most critical aspects of what Rhythm & Hues Studios, one of the earliest adopters of the HP DreamColor Performance Displays, does for its clients.In the feature film "Life of Pi," the Director, Ang Lee, had the artists finesse the color of scenes to evoke very specific emotions.  The fine attention to detail and color are evidenced in the moments of calm when the boat sits on a sea as still as glass, with clouds reflected on its surface. In fact, the clouds and sky across the whole movie were all digitally created to ensure consistency and to enhance feelings. The film, Life of Pi, which hit theaters November 21, is about a 16 year-old Indian boy whose passage to a new life in America aboard a freighter ends in a shipwreck in the Pacific. He is left to fend for himself on a life raft with an orangutan, a hyena and a Bengal tiger. In order to achieve a high level of color fidelity across the six studios working on the film, Rhythm & Hues Studios relied on its billion-color, HP DreamColor displays. (75 HP DreamColor displays are used at the LA studio alone.)