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This year 2014 was full of surprises and achievements for me i visited some of the most beautiful cities including which includes Karachi, Hong Kong, Doha, Brisbane, Barcelona and Melbourne (this is where I am living right now). Earlier this year I joined ’McCann World Wide’ one of the biggest Advertising agencies in the world as a Community (plus Digital Project) Manager.


A picture that I have taken on my first day at McCann Pakistan in Jan 2014

After 5 months I decided to move Australia for higher education in the month of May and moved to Melbourne in June.


A beautiful picture of Hong Kong which was taken from sky in May 2014


Enjoying with my cousin somewhere in the sky (between Hong Kong and Melbourne) in May 2014

After completing my first Semester I decided to explore Brisbane in order to check out flavors of Queensland. In Brisbane, I spent almost 10 days and explore a lot of places and have taken so many selfies :)


Yes, this is me while roaming around South Bank, Brisbane. (November 2014)


Firstever experience of dangerous BATMAN @ Movie World (Theme Parks, Brisbane) in November 2014


Exploring Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast City in Queensland State) in November 2014

During last week of November, I have got an invitation from a very honorable person from HP. I was invited for HP’s biggest Enterprise conference of Europe in order to become a part of their Independent Bloggers (International) team which includes other international bloggers from US, UK and other European countries. Following are some of the images from my tour of Barcelona, Spain:


Yes, this is me sitting along with some of the best storage and enterprise bloggers of the world at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona in December 2014.


Oh yes! This is a Panda who is sitting alone at Doha Airport :)


A perfect morning with a perfect selfie with Teri Shiozaki (Digital Communications and Social Media Manager for HP Enterprise Group, Worldwide Channel Marketing) at Barcelona in December 2014


Selfie with Alison Watterson (Events Social Media Manager at HP) at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona in Melbourne

HP Discover was organized by HP in Barcelona; I had a chance to meet so many peeps (who are working at HP) to whom I know through Social Media. The best part of this conference was that when I saw Meg Whitemen (President and CEO, Hewlett Packard) in person and had a chance to take a selfie with her which was one of the best moments of my life. That specific selfie with Meg Whitemen was shared by all of the HP related accounts on Digital.


A proud selfie and a lifetime achievement of meeting HP’s President Meg Whitemen in-person at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona in December 2014.

This year was one of the best years of my life and hoping to continue my struggle along with support for HP :)