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How to Create Folder in Windows Live Hotmail and Setting the Filtering Rules

Tweet Ever since I have started using Internet, I have an e-mail address which was the very first email address “”. In parallel I was also using “” address, but it wasn’t my favorite, still now the Windows Live has the features that makes a relation with the user with their simple and nice interface, [&hellip

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How to Send Automated Vacation Replies When You are Away in Windows Live Hotmail

Tweet Progmic is trying to guide you as much as we can. We have guided you about many things related to Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Windows Live Essentials. I saw many times whenever I emailed someone and got the reply that he/she is on vacations. After some research, I found that Windows Live Hotmail allows [&hellip

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How to use Messenger at Blocked Places in Windows Live Hotmail

Tweet Progmic is launching its latest category about tips related to different Microsoft softwares . This post is the first episode of this series. Some of my friends complaining that our network administrator blocked Windows Live Messenger and we want to use it. Then I have found a solution for my friends and users of [&hellip

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