[{"title":"Middlesex University " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1340722658.jpg","desc":"Middlesex University (abbr. MU, MDX) is a university in north London, England. It is located in the historic county boundaries of Middlesex from which it takes its name. It is one of the post-1992 universities and is a member of Million+ working group. As is the case with many former polytechnics, Middlesex was formally organised as a teaching institution relatively recently (in 1973), yet can trace its history back to 19th century. Since 2000, Middlesex University has been reducing the number of campuses dotted around London’s North Circular Road in an effort to cut inefficiencies by consolidating much of the university's teaching, learning and research at the flagship campus in Hendon.[5] Its new estate strategy which has already cost £150 million will eventually concentrate the university on three sites in north London. In 2005 the university began rationalising its schools to focus on its strengths in business, computing and the arts.","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/MiddlesexUniversity.html","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1340722658.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Middlesex University"},{"title":"COFA New South Wales " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1340722440.jpg","desc":"The College of Fine Arts, a faculty of The University of New South Wales UNSW, can trace its history from the formation of The Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts in 1833, which led to the formation of Sydney Technical College in 1878. In 1958 the New South Wales Government combined all its Technical Colleges under the name of The National Art School. Further incarnations followed: in 1970 the visual art section of The National Art School was amalgamated with the Alexander Mackie Teachers College; in 1975 the Alexander Mackie College was made a College of Advanced Education, becoming a ‘multi disciplinary’ college with a School of Art and a School of Teacher Education; and in 1982 Alexander Mackie CAE joined Sydney Teachers' College and several other teaching institutions to become Sydney College of Advanced Education (Sydney CAE), and was renamed the City Art Institute. The City Art Institute seceded from Sydney CAE in 1987 and joined the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) to create the NSW Institute of the Arts. The two institutions remained at their original locations in Paddington and Balmain but the partnership was short-lived. In 1988 Federal legislation removed the distinction between state-owned Colleges of Advanced Education and federally-funded universities, resulting in the amalgamation of most CAEs with existing universities. The devolution of NSW Institute of the Arts was included in these changes, made effective on 1 January 1990, when Sydney College of the Arts joined the University of Sydney and the City Art Institute, renamed the College of Fine Arts (COFA), became a faculty of The University of New South Wales. Still located at the original Paddington Campus, COFA is a prominent player in the teaching of and research in art, design and multi media, art history and theory and art education. It offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in fine art, art education, art theory, design and art administration.","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=COFA New South Wales","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1340722440.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=COFA New South Wales"},{"title":"3D Morden College London  " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343153446.jpg","desc":"3D Morden College is a new institution. Our engaging courses combine practical training, real professional skills and career-centred education to set you on the right path for your future. We specialise in IT, Management Sciences, Travel and Law. In addition to our academic curriculum, we also offer low-cost professional courses and free short courses – all taught by highly skilled and approachable staff. For more details: http://www.mordencollege.co.uk/Morden_college.asp","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=3D Morden College London ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343153446.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=3D Morden College London "},{"title":"A&S Training and Development Solutions Ltd. " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343153601.jpg","desc":"A & S Training College is very special and has a new modern approach to Further and Higher education. Our number one priority is the welfare and success of our students. To help them attain high calibre recognised and respected qualifications in the most efficient and economical manner possible. We have removed many of the traditional barriers to Further and Higher education, for example we facilitate evening and weekend study to assist students to better manage their time and to fit in work experience. We have a team of professional job placement consultants that help our students find a work placement that is fully paid and complimentary to their course of study in one of over 500 employers the college is connected with. Most of our students work and earn while they learn thus avoiding the accumulation of huge debt. For more details: http://www.ascollege.org/","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=A&S Training and Development Solutions Ltd. ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343153601.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=A&S Training and Development Solutions Ltd. "},{"title":"A&S Training College " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343153840.jpg","desc":"The College offers a range of full time, part time and self-study courses, giving students the opportunity to study at a time, place and pace that suits them. A huge variety of subject areas are on offer, from art and design to radio broadcasting and engineering to hairdressing. Courses are offered at a variety of levels, from basic skill courses designed to suit those with no formal qualifications to Higher National Diplomas (HND). The College also runs both full time and part time courses in English for Speakers of Other Languages. This is ideal for those whose English is not their first language and who want to progress to a university or a mainstream College course wishing to improve their current level of English. For more details: http://bit.ly/LGjeWr","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=A&S Training College ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343153840.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=A&S Training College "},{"title":"A2Z School of English " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343154083.jpg","desc":"A2Z School of English was established in 2006 by James Taylor and his wife Luciene Taylor. Since that time the school has grown from one room above Matt and Phred's jazz club to a network of schools worldwide. A major factor in the rapid growth of the organisation has been the use of the Callan Method - a high speed method of teaching English that focuses on speaking and listening for more than 70% of the lesson. For more details: www.a2z-english.com","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=A2Z School of English ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343154083.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=A2Z School of English "},{"title":"Abacus College " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343154174.jpg","desc":"Abacus College is an independent school registered to admit boys/girls aged from 13 to 18+ and is situated in the heart of historic Oxford. Students come from all over the world to achieve their goal of gaining admission to British universities. We offer a wide range of courses to suit students aged from 13 upwards, regardless of their nationality, English language ability and educational background. Our classes are small, our tutors well-qualified and highly experienced, and every student is treated as an individual. Our programmes are highly flexible and can be adapted to meet the precise needs of each of our students. For more details: http://www.abacuscollege.co.uk/ ","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=Abacus College ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343154174.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Abacus College "},{"title":"Academy de London " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343154396.jpg","desc":"EXCITING LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDENTS. WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN ONE SIZE FITS ALL, THEREFORE WITH ADL, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIT IN TIME FOR STUDY AROUND YOUR BUSY LIFE. YOU WILL BE VERY EXCITING TO LEARN WITH US. WE HAVE A CLEAR VISION OF DYNAMIC INSTITUTION. WITH ADL, YOU CAN NOW STUDY ON TIME THAT SUIT YOU AND HAVE FUN WHILE STUDYING. WE HAVE COMPETITIVE FEES, WHICH IS SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER THAN MOST INSTITUTIONS. WE ARE MAKING EDUCATION MORE SERIOUS AND HIGHLY ACCESSIBLE FOR STUDENTS. WE HAVE EVENING CLASSES & FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE. IT IS OUR PURPOSE TO TRAIN STUDENTS FOR IMPROVING THE PRODUCTIVITY OF THEIR ORGANIZATION AND COMMUNITY. WE WILL PROVIDE COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION BEFORE ENROLLMENT. INTRODUCTION TO OUR PROFESSIONAL QUALIFIED TEACHERS. WE ARE LOCATED IN THE MOST VIBRANT, MULTICULTURAL AND EXCITING CITIES IN THE WORLD... LONDON! For more details: www.learnatadl.com","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=Academy de London","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343154396.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Academy de London"},{"title":"Academy of English Studies Folkestone " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343154547.jpg","desc":"We are very lucky to work in a large Victorian house situated only a minute from the town centre and 10 seconds away from the best coffee house in Folkestone! As well as lovely classrooms we have: - A lounge with leather sofas, TV and surround sound - A computer room with free internet access - Wireless Internet access (WiFi) throughout the school -Comfortable classrooms that give lots of natural light - For more details: http://www.aesfolkestone.co.uk/ ","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Academy of English Studies Folkestone","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343154547.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Academy of English Studies Folkestone"},{"title":"Academy of Manangement Studies " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343154701.jpg","desc":"The College prides itself on having the best staff, with the latest industry experience, to ensure you get the skills and qualifications you need in today's competitive world. We will ensure you find the right course to meet your individual needs and career aspirations. We have a range of support services available to help you overcome anything that might be holding you back; additional support with numeracy or literacy. We're really accessible, with great transport links right to our campus. As part of your course and through the tutorial process we will give you key 'employability' skills to get you into the job of your dreams, in a professional adult environment. The College has some of the best facilities available for teaching and learning in London. The College is a really diverse place with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds – making it a vibrant place and enriching the lives of both students and staff. We also provide students the option of pursuing higher studies after their successful completion of diploma and advanced diploma with universities such as Middlesex University and University of Gloucestershire. For more details: http://bit.ly/M48nqM","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Academy of Manangement Studies ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343154701.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Academy of Manangement Studies "},{"title":"Accountancy & Business Training International College " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343154906.jpg","desc":"Creating international business leaders with a global vision. Study Management and Business at our college in the heart of the UK at The Chamber of Commerce in Birmingham. ABTI offers international students a variety of courses, including Business English courses, specialised Business and Management courses, certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses, and pre-Masters study programmes. We will also coach you through the CIMA professional papers. Not only does ABTI offer international students a sound academic structure and a relaxed social atmosphere but also academic staff with senior management experience in the commercial world. For more details: www.abti-college.org","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Accountancy & Business Training International College ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343154906.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Accountancy & Business Training International College "},{"title":"Adam Smith College " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343155037.jpg","desc":"Launched in 2005 from the merger of Glenrothes College and Fife College, Adam Smith College is the third largest college in Scotland with approximately 25,000 students and around 900 staff. The College, located in Fife, has a strong presence in the community with four main campuses, in Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and Leven, as well as local learning centres. We offer a wide range of courses in a variety of subject areas including; engineering and science, computing, hair and beauty, business and management, construction, sports and tourism, education and care studies and creative industries. At Adam Smith we welcome students of all ages and backgrounds, offering something for everyone. We understand that people have busy lives which is why many of our courses can be adapted to suit your individual needs. So whatever you're interested in, we're bound to have something that suits you. For more details: http://bit.ly/MvCGEJ","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Adam Smith College ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343155037.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Adam Smith College "},{"title":"All Nations Christian College " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343155233.jpg","desc":"Allnations is an independent, evangelical, interdenominational mission training Bible College. The purpose of allnations is to train students in cross-cultural mission. Today, allnations is the largest College of its type in Europe and welcomes students and their families from all over the world. Our international teaching staff have a wide range of mission experience and cross-cultural expertise. Many of our students have also already been on overseas mission, further adding to the fusion of ideas and teaching that takes place at allnations. For more details: http://bit.ly/M48QsT","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=All Nations Christian College ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343155233.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=All Nations Christian College "},{"title":"Alpha Meridian College " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1343155511.jpg","desc":"Alpha Meridian College has been providing quality education in the United Kingdom for over 17 years, established in 1994 and located in the heart of Greenwich, London, we strive to deliver the very best in adult education. We are now accepting applications for the September 2012 intake, please see our courses page to find the programme of study to suit your needs. For more details: http://meridian-it.co.uk","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Alpha Meridian College ","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1343155511.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=Alpha Meridian College "},{"title":"TEST " ,"img":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/1347012518.jpg","desc":"TESTTINNNGGGGG ","url":"http://ielts.progmic.com/app/college.php?title=TEST","img2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/images/uni/thumb/1347012518.jpg","url2":"http://ielts.progmic.com/iOS/college.php?title=TEST"}]